Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Stuff I sort of finished...8 in 1001

8. Purchase a matching set of furniture, even if it’s from IKEA. The reason that this gets an italic note is that my dresser and nightstand match. I think that we intended to get another nightstand for Indie Rocker, but when we got the Munchkin, her crate pretty much took over his side of the room and now there's no room for a nightstand. In essence, I got this done to the extent that I could, but it's still a little half-assed.

43. Get back in touch with Tintin and go visit her in Chicago. This gets an italic note because I got back in touch with Tintin on 8/11/05. Now I need to go see her, which would kick ass. Well, she is getting married next year...

63. After that, if I still like them, own all of Wes Anderson’s movies. At this point, I do own all of the ones that I liked. I need to order "The Darjeeling Limited" and I don't own "Rushmore," which was really my least favorite anyway.

66. Use all the rest of the gift certificates I have squirreled away and probably forgot about. I just found an old Blockbuster gift card the other day, and I still have a Kiehl's one. I don't know--it mostly counts.

73. Get recertified in First Aid and CPR. I got recertified in CPR on 12/6/05. However, I didn't renew the First Aid. So I think I'll go do both when the CPR regulations change this summer.

89. Learn to make a foofy cocktail. I can make a pretty wicked gin & tonic, as well as a great mimosa. I guess I was thinking that I'd learn to make cosmos or something, but we really never drink those. It would be a little superfluous, but maybe I'll learn to make margaritas over the summer or something.

97. Participate in the Hood to Coast. I never did Hood to Coast, but I did Rainier to Pacific and I'm signed up to do it again this year. I think that's pretty much close enough.

100. Visit a house I used to live in. I think this was ultimately intended to get me back east or down to SF or something, but I did party at my old apartment and went down to Tahoe to stay in the cabin, so I feel pretty good about this one, actually.

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