Friday, February 29, 2008

The stuff I didn't finish...47 in 1001.

You know, I realized a few weeks ago that there are some things that I kind of regret not accomplishing and most that were kind of pipe dreams to begin with. I also realized that for the most part, my priorities changed quite a bit over the past 1001 days and it's been really interesting on this ride.

6. Visit several friends in LA/Santa Monica. I’ve been promising to do this for years, and I really ought to get around to doing it. Well, I still have friends in LA, but one of them moved to Napa, so I'm not sure what's going to happen with this one. I will definitely expedite it if Speedy ends up in LA.

7. Go to Vegas. I actually did try to do this, but a friend's bachelorette ended up being the same weekend as Sasquatch and then got canceled, so maybe my bachelorette?

9. Have enough in savings to last more than a month if I find myself unemployed. Like I said about last year's resolutions: great intentions, piss-poor follow through.

10. Spend an entire ski season somewhere besides Mt. Hood Meadows. This was supposed to be about going to Australia or New Zealand for the summer and that totally didn't happen. However, I'm quitting MHM after this season, so I'm pretty happy about that!!

12. Attend an opera performance. This may still happen. Portland Opera is doing "Aida" right around my birthday, and I might see if Mom wants to come with.

14. Go surfing in Bali. Yeah, didn't this sound good? I think it might make my honeymoon options list, though.

17. Spend a girls weekend with the HS crew, either at a spa or wherever we decide to go. We kept trying to schedule that, but someone usually got sent out of the country, or got married, or we didn't have enough money. It was fun to hang out at Miss C's wedding, though.

18. Participate in a triathlon. Again, this may still happen. I'm getting in pretty good shape, and I'm no longer afraid of the running part. I've been looking a t a few sprint triathlons coming up in a few months and they are looking really good. Also, the training for the half-marathon has really gotten me all pumped up about training for specific events. I haven't felt this good in years.

22. Take the motorcycle riding class at PCC that I’ve been talking about taking for about four years. I honestly don't know why this didn't happen. Laziness?

23. Learn enough HTML to make the blog somewhat cool-looking. Or enlist a friend to do it in exchange for something. You know, I did actually try to learn some HTML before I left the old job and did a little experimenting, but it never really went anywhere. Oh well!

26. Eat dinner at El Gaucho. Again, this may still happen. You never know!

31. Attend Black Tie & Tennies once. It wasn't held when the list was up, so I may still do this. I am back on the Outward Bound Alumni list, so there you go.

39. Visit New York City. Again, this also might still happen. One of our good hasher buddies moved to NYC not too long ago, and I could definitely see myself feeling the need to go visit.

41. Take a sailing lesson. This could still happen. One of my Chick Surf friends is a sailor, so who knows?

42. Take a horseback riding lesson. This is not looking so good. I'm sure this was part of a "try new things" idea, but I just don't spend much time around horses. And frankly, I'm not sure I want to!

45. Purchase a case of wine from a winery (Ultimate goal? Drouhin. Reality? Something a little less expensive) This actually will happen in the near future, since Indie Rocker said that the next case from the wine shop is on me. Go figure!

46. Send a girlfriend or two to the wine class at Square Deal and tell Indie Rocker’s aunt about it beforehand. It’s a joke, really. Yep, never got around to it. Oh well.

49. Go to New Orleans. You know, I wrote that before Katrina and I still want to go. I'm just not sure when it's going to happen.

50. Visit the Aussie fam in Shanghai. Preferably with Bumbershoot. Well, this one isn't going to happen because they moved back to the States. However, I haven't seen their place in Seattle yet, so maybe I'll consider this one done when I do that.

53. Frame the last few posters I own that I would like to not ruin. Yeah, this is a good goal. Maybe I should! I think I'd need to find some of them--I'm pretty sure one of them is still in a tube at my parents' house.

58. Climb Mt. Hood. All the way, this time. Again, I still want to do this. Maybe this spring! I am in much better shape than I typically am come spring time.

60. Buy a matching set of really great underwear and actually wear it. I am actually embarrassed that this hasn't happened. I keep using the wedding as an opportunity and I will be really upset if this doesn't happen before then!!!

61. Come up with a menu, grocery shop and cook for myself for an entire week. Not so good with menus. Not sure I'm going to get better. Not too worried about it.

64. Learn to telemark ski. I have all the gear, I just haven't bothered to put the effort in yet. I foresee this happening when I'm not teaching anymore. Actually, I really just need to get boots and Indie Rocker and I have actually attempted that. Once it happens, I really have no excuse.

65. Write to my congressperson. I just don't think I ever thought of something worth getting really good and indignant about. I'll work on that!!

69. Take a climbing trip to Smith Rock. Yeah, don't know why I didn't do that. I probably need to organize it myself, knowing my climbing friends.

70. Live by myself. I'm actually glad that this didn't happen.

72. Watch the entire first season of “The OC”. I tried, I did. I own it, so this may still happen. I suspect that it will involve large quantities of alcohol, Strong Draught or both.

74. Maintain certification in both. Well, maybe Indie Rocker and I will get all motivated again and got get certified in both CPR and First Aid. Or we'll just wait until we have kids.

75. Give blood. I signed up twice to do this and bailed both times. I don't fear giving blood, but for some reason came up with stupid excuses not to do it. Now I can't for six months, but I'll revisit this one for sure.

76. Get a tattoo. Working on it. I have a design picked out and have for years. Speedy is pushing it, so that's always a good sign.

77. Repierce my ears. Same with the tattoo. They'll probably happen around the same time. I keep thinking I could probably just go to town with some old earrings, but then I remember that's a really painful idea.

78. Revise and finish the novel I’ve already started. This was a noble attempt to see some follow-through on this idea I'd started. The reality is, life totally got in the way of this and I don't know if I'm going to pick it back up. I'm not crazy about the subject anymore, and I might just have to scrap the whole thing. Or turn it into a short story. I don't know.

79. Let somebody read it. Not gonna happen anytime soon, that's for dang sure.

83. Help my mother clean out my old room and the basement in their house. Well, I started doing this, and she hasn't stopped bugging me. In fact, the other day she reminded me that this is something I need to get done before I get married. Well, alrighty then.

84. Let my father teach me everything he wants to about my car. This may be moot, as I've pretty much learned how to do everything from change my own oil to changing my lightbulbs.

85. Go sledding for the sake of sledding. I can't believe that I didn't do this.

86. Watch the movies that Mom and Dad keep bugging me to watch. This isn't going to happen. I can't even remember what they are anymore.

88. Go to Oregon’s Homecoming. I'm not sure this is going to happen either. Frankly, paying upwards of $100 for a ticket and then spending the weekend in line for beers is not looking like a high priority right now.

90. Own a kitchen appliance that isn’t a hand-me-down. Hello, wedding registry!

91. Buy a tent, preferably three season convertible. This must happen before the end of June because I am not sleeping on top of Indie Rocker and the Munchkin in his tiny-ass midget tent before the Creampuff again this year. I'm just not.

92. Brush up on enough French and Italian to watch “La Cite Des Enfants Perdu” and “La Vita E Bella” without subtitles. Once again, best intentions, no follow-through. I think this is awesome in theory, and maybe I'll do it someday. Putting it that way, I think we all know this isn't going to happen unless I end up moving to either country for some reason.

93. Surf Santa Cruz without getting yelled at or threatened. Taking a local would be a good idea. Bonus points, really. Good plan, but I never made it down to SC for any reason. However, I think Indie Rocker's aunt and uncle own a condo down there. Hmmm...

94. Buy my sister the magazine subscription that I owe her. Yeah, I'll get right on that once she actually has an address for more than 9 minutes.

95. Launch and land a slopestyle jump. Not so into the jumping the past few years. I know why this is on here--this and the alley-oop were things Marshall and I were working on at Symposium and then promptly forgot all about for the next two years. I think I'm more interested in learning to tele than learning to freestyle, so I'm not going to worry about these.
96. Master an alley-oop in the pipe. See above.

98. Let Marshall teach me how to do something with my hair. Well, she moved to Seattle. What the heck am I supposed to do now? Kidding--we just never seem to see a reason to worry about it really. Oh well!

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