Sunday, December 30, 2007

2008 Resolutions

Since I managed to either not do or half-ass most of my 2007 resolutions, I am going to attempt to make more realistic resolutions for 2008. Additionally, since the 101 in 1001 list expires in February, this is going to be a bit of an introspective start of the year anyway. So here goes:

1. Strike a better balance between work, school, exercise, and friends. The reasoning behind this is pretty simple, but I also found that doing it is much harder than it looks. It's very easy to get totally caught up in homework and neglect my friends, family, boyfriend and puppy. I honestly feel like I didn't see my friends for about six weeks in the fall and that, frankly, sucked.

2. Create some exercise goals and accomplish them. Bumbershoot and I were talking over IM a few days ago and were discussing running a 10K or half-marathon together. I really liked this idea for a variety of reasons. I got the Nike iPod+ thingie for Christmas and would love to start playing with it, and I really like the idea of having something to train for, rather than the ever-nebulous "get back into shape." Plus, I am so much more motivated to do things when my friends are right there with me.

3. Explore different opportunities at work. I'm intentionally being vague about this, but hopefully that will end up being a good thing in 2008.

4. Get my face under control. I changed my birth control method in the past year and it is wreaking havoc with my face. I've already gone to the dermatologist once and have another appointment next month. I am pretty motivated to get this done, and I like the idea of a resolution I can definitely accomplish.

5. Set up a charitable giving plan for 2008. Pretty self-explanatory, really.

6. Make the relationship call.

Quote of the Day: "Chas, let me finish here. I've got six weeks to set things right with you and I aim to do it. Will you give me a chance?" Royal Tenenbaum (Gene Hackman), The Royal Tenenbaums.

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