Wednesday, March 14, 2007

One of the most wonderful times...

...of the year! Is March Madness and it's coming up fast. Plus, the Ducks made it to the Big Dance this year, which is terribly exciting as they rarely field a good enough team. However, this year, they came up strong and then proceeded to Godzilla-stomp all over the Pac-10 tournament, winning most of their games by an average of 20 points. Plus? Bryce Taylor, one of the supporting players had a perfect game against USC! He made every single shot he attempted. I think that's pretty freaking awesome.

Indie Rocker and I were listening to NPR this morning and they have a gentleman who does a sports-related monologue every week and this week it was on March Madness. As you can see by the story, he's bemoaning the fact that a chunk of the teams who go in were really low-ranked in their divisions, like 6th or 7th. Indie Rocker started prodding me until I reminded him that Oregon was first in the PAC-10, so they earned their spot.

Plus? They're playing Miami (OH), which is where That Guy went to school, so the trash-talking has begun in earnest. Well, sort of. That Guy admitted that he thinks we'll stomp all over his team, too. Speaking of That Guy, he's going to be in Whistler the same time we are, assuming they can score a condo, so that just made apres-ski a little more interesting. Sweet! I surprised the heck out of him when I told him we had 14 people going. I think he was expecting a few less. Go, ski school! And cruise director Marshall, for that matter.

Anyway, it's off to go figure out how I'm going to get the game at work on Friday. My coworker who sits by me has already told me that she doesn't care if she has to listen to it. She rocks.

Quote of the Day: "They're on one of those special rides and hopefully it's not going to end anytime soon." Ernie Kent, Oregon Ducks head coach.

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