Monday, March 05, 2007

My weekend of 101 updates!

Check this out...

16. Ski with my sister wherever she is working/living in the winter Completed 3/1/07-3/4/07. I flew down to Tahoe and spent four days skiing with Speedy, Marshall, State, and Redhead. So yeah, it pretty much rocked.

67. Ski at a resort I’ve never been to. Completed 3/1/07 when I skied Sugarbowl and then really, really completed 3/2/07 when we skied Squaw Valley.

68. Backcountry ski at least once. Completed 3/1/07 with the Lake Run, wherein we strapped on the transceivers, packed shovels and probes, hiked for almost half an hour and were then rewarded with nearly two hours of waist-deep, untracked powder. Yeah, baby.

More updates and pictures to come, but that gives you the basic idea of how the weekend went. Woo!

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