Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Basket Case

You know those days where you just kind of have to vent because even though things really aren't that bad, you're just totally overwhelmed and can't figure out how you are possibly going to do everything you need to in the next 36 hours?

I'm so there right now.

My stuff is currently in bags and boxes and other containers all over Indie Rocker's (and my now, but I keep referring to it as his. Really need to break that habit) house, which is stressing both of us out and causing us to act like idiots.

For some reason, neither of us are sleeping very well, which is contributing to a total overdose of caffeine and stress.

On the bright side, I leave for vacation tomorrow night, but getting totally ready for that is causing me to totally freak out. So wish me luck, as I am going to need quite a bit of it to get me through the next two days. And there is no way in hell that I am going to crew practice tomorrow. I need every single second of sleep that I can possibly get!

Quote of the Day: "Do you have the time/To listen to me whine/About nothing and everything/All at once/I am one of those/Melodramatic fools/Neurotic to the bone/No doubt about it." Green Day, Basket Case.

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