Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sweet reward.

So sometimes I really appreciate that working in Lake Oswego has its perks over other parts of the city. For example, when my present for working with both teams turns out to be an enormous box, its contents solely purchased from Urbane Zen.

I got a set of pajama pants, a sparkly tank, a spa robe and a bath ball that smells like grass and dirt. Plus a silver bracelet from Accessories From the Heart, a cute little shop by the elementary school where we practice.

So yeah, that didn't suck. Plus, I really enjoyed giving the girls their awards and telling them how highly I thought of them. I wasn't entirely honest the whole time, but whatever. Obviously some of the girls annoyed me, but that's OK. No harm, no foul, and everybody's happy.

As usual, a lot of the parents asked me if I was going to be back next year, but I told them that it would depend on my employment situation. Which is the truth, so I don't even have to feel bad about that.

Quote of the Day: "All's well that ends well." William Shakespeare.

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