Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I had an interesting chat with my boss today where I mentioned that one of the docs (Bonaduce, naturally) who had complained about my ball also had the audacity to stop by my desk and gloat.

Her exact words? "Well, he's a jerk." OK. And since I have the benefit of several things: being totally on top of my shit right now, him not having a single complaint about me, and rarely ever complaining about anything to my boss, now gives me the apparent ability to mouth off to him as long as it falls short of insubordination.

Basically, she told me that if he's a dick to me, I have the right to shoot something back as long as I don't cross any lines and she has my back.

That's the best news I've gotten at this job in months.

Quote of the Day: "You've made my whole day!" One of the other docs to me as he left the office this morning. Because I rock.

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