Friday, June 30, 2006

101 update!!

40. Buy groceries at a farmers market. Completed 6/29/06. I went to the farmer's market at Ecotrust last week with Scienziata and decided that I'd come back and pick up dinner stuff this week. And I did. Plus, last Sunday in Seattle, I bought groceries at Pike Place Market. So I doubly did this one!!

56. Invite my parents over and cook for them, including dessert and wine Completed 6/29/06. I invited Mom and Dad over, made a salad, made a main dish (pork chops with blueberry sauce), made dessert (Tillamook ice cream covered in fresh raspberries) and even though Dad brought the wine, they said it counted. Woohoo! Mom actually even said that mine was a little better because I had bought fresh herbs at the farmer's market and it really does make a difference. So yeah, I kick ass.

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