Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Hair. Because it's important.

I am having a slightly frustrating morning. I am really, really tired, which doesn’t help. I am also scouring Google for pictures of Kari Byron from Mythbusters because I really love her hair in the episode where they’re trying to make fire without matches. I want to find a picture of her hair so that I can show Kim next time I go in to get my hair done. Because it’s totally fabulous and I think I could pull it off. We’ll see. Her hair’s a little curlier than mine, but it’s about the same length and we have similar coloring.

Besides, you guys all know how bizarre I am when it comes to my hair.

Quote of the Day: “All right, Jamie. For this scene your motivation is your guilty lover, he doesn't care about you any more, he's found a younger thing and ye want to wreck his pride and joy with neat vertical slices." Adam Savage, Mythbusters.

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