Friday, February 10, 2006

So, so happy...

I am about as happy as a pig in poo right now. I am sitting on my couch, within arm's reach of a bottle of wine, playing Sudoku and watching the Opening Ceremonies. As you all know, The Olympics are the highlight of my year when they are on, so I am delighted right now.

Plus, I just figured out that I am a genius. I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled on the 16th, which gives me two full days of drooling on my parents' couch while my mother waits on me hand and foot and I can watch the Olympics ALL DAY LONG.

I am freaking Mensa material over here. Aside from the whole having teeth pulled out of my head thing.

But still: Vicodin + personal servant + HDTV big screen = VeryVeryVeryHappyCaptainCooper.

One thing though--what the hell was with those monoskis from hell? jumper. Right.

Quote of the Day: "All my decisions are things that I make." Lindsay Lohan (OK, I totally have that issue of Vanity Fair wit her on the cover next to me on the couch.)

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