Monday, February 13, 2006

I lurve the Olympics!!

Aren’t you guys so glad that it’s the Olympics again and I can distract myself with things like, oh Chad Hedrick, and not talk about myself for two and a half weeks? Yes, that is a good thing.

While Chad Hedrick is totally, totally hot, he’s a little too sensitive for my tastes. He’s kind of a frat boy (do they just make them all like that in Texas? Help me out here—I’ve never been there.), but damn, is he a good skater.

Speaking of good skaters, has anyone else noticed that Apolo Ohno doesn’t even look like he’s trying half the time when he’s busy smoking the competition? I love it when he doesn’t even take his hands off of his lower back when the other guys are frantically flailing theirs all over the place trying to catch him. Well, when he doesn’t lose like he did last night. Argh.

The other argh? Pairs figure skating and the fact that Turin is 10 hours ahead of us and I already know who won the women’s halfpipe. Gah!!

Oh, and Daron Rahlves totally should have used the new Atomics because I think he would have done way better. He skied a totally perfect line, even if the French dude did just smoke everyone. Very impressive for sure. And Walchhofer's sunglasses scared me.

And Bode's got the best attitude ever. He just doesn't care as long as he did his best and he still has something like three events to go. Woohoo!

Quote of the Day: “I haven’t been that nervous since I was little.” Shaun White on his second qualifying run in the men’s halfpipe.

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