Monday, November 21, 2005

A wave of ambition

So I actually completed an entire application, with supplemental question, and submitted it to the people I am supposed to. This is a somewhat big deal for me, as I ordinarily just sort of zone out about things like this and don't follow through all the way to submission. I actually started working on this on Friday (it was due today, but I only found the listing on Thursday. So this is good for me!), and when I didn't finish, I actually lugged my laptop over to Indie Rocker's last night and spent a good chunk of the evening slogging through it until I was somewhat satisfied and Indie Rocker had given me some feedback. Yay!

Now we wait. Good thing I have plenty to do. Wish me luck!

Quote of the Day: "The universe is shaped exactly like the earth/if you go straight long enough/you'll end up where you were." Third Planet, Modest Mouse.

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