Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Change of Weather

I think there’s something in the water or something around here—pregnancy is going around like the flu. I’m not, thank God, because that would be akin to a catastrophe, but one of my coworkers just announced that she’s pregnant. Also, one of my docs is pregnant and one of the labrats over in the research lab is pregnant. Two of my friends this week told me that they had dreamed they were pregnant. What is going on?!? Hopefully it’s not contagious—I catch too much stuff these days as it is!

Also, wish me luck. I’m headed down south next week on Thanksgiving morning to spend the holiday weekend with Indie Rocker and his family. I’m even meeting the grandparents! I know it’s going to be great and fun, but it’s daunting from a distance—that’s for sure.

I also think I drank too much coffee this morning. I’m practically vibrating. Ugh.

Quote of the Day: “In the air I’m sensing a change in the weather/In the end the path is clear/Does anyone remember here/Did you all think he’d just disappear/Crazy life.” Crazy Life, Toad the Wet Sprocket.

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