Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Fun Realization to Have

Since returning from San Luis Obispo, I've realized that I'm a lucky girl. I'm really, really happy right now for a bunch of different and valid reasons. The trip itself was interesting--it's very intimidating to meet someone like your boyfriend's mother and sister on their home turf. It's scary in the sense that you are all on your own with only the boy for backup and you can just hope that he's got your back because it is his family and that's its own set of issues.

Fortunately, Indie Rocker totally had my back in every way and I even got his. His family is large, loud, eccentric and a heck of a lot of fun. There were easily 20 people around both Thanksgiving tables. Not only can I not remember all of their names, I still can't keep which kids belonged to which parents straight. They're all related, right? See? On the bright side, it's very difficult to be really good and nervous when the first thing that happens when you walk into Grandma and Grandpa's house is that Grandpa hands you a margarita. Awesome.

Even the trip down there was surreal. Once I got on the flight to SFO, I was chilling in my seat and watching the other passengers board when I looked up only to see Motoman and his daughter get on the plane, followed by his wife. It was hilarious: "Hi, Motoman!" "Captain? What are you doing here? Hey, Baby, say hi to Auntie Cooper!" I waved to his adorable daughter, and he put her down. "What are you doing here?"
"I'm flying down to SLO to spend Thanksgiving with Indie Rocker and fam."
"Where's he? Why isn' he flying with you?"
"He drove down. I couldn't get the time off. He's been down there all week already." At this point, Motoman's wife has boarded and is just as surprised to see me. Baby is attempting to sit with me, only to be herded back by Motoman.

After an uneventful flight with a hilarious co-captain, I got to sit at SFO for quite some time as the flight was delayed over an hour. Fortunately for me, mom remembered that her sister and fam were flying to Hawaii and I might run into them. Run into them I did, which surprised the hell out of my cousin. It was awesome. I called his name and he just looked at me like I had come out of the ground in a puff of smoke. Awesome! His little daughter is getting so big! My other cousin looks great and none of them even mentioned the chocolate I had on my face that I didn't discover until I got to my mini-terminal. Damned chocolate croissants. Argh.

Anyway, SLO is beautiful, we shopped, saw a few movies (Walk the Line kicked ass. Seriously? Joaquin Phoenix is amazing. Go now.), ate more food than I thought humanly possible and had a kickass bonfire on the beach.

Plus, Indie Rocker and I drove back together yesterday and managed to make it through 14 hours in a car, tons of bad fast food, two snowstorms, and a few musical disagreements. We're definitely still talking and I've really never liked him better. The girls at work today were teasing me about wedding bells. Yeah, like that's going to happen!!!

Quote of the Day: "The heart has reasons that reason knows not of." Blaise Pascal.

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