Thursday, December 01, 2005

What a random day.

The women in the office just spent the last 20 minutes talking about childbirth. Ewww. I finally said something when the word “nipples” got used. “You couldn’t have waited until I went to lunch to have this conversation?!?” was actually what I said.

Now they’re heckling me about never having kids. I’m sure I’ll have kids someday, but right now I am firmly in the camp of actively trying not to reproduce for the time being.

I also just had the most awesome moment possibly ever in my time here. I was talking to one of my docs and the department chair, when we start talking about the mini-Ice Age of the 14th-19th centuries, the end coinciding with the start of the Industrial Revolution, discussed the Depression and its effect on Europe as well as the Weimar Republic, at which point I got to bust out my thesis topic and findings. The department chair is totally getting into it and my doc is just looking back and forth like he’s watching a tennis match. The best part is that every time he looked back at me, his eyes got bigger. It was awesome. I don’t think he had any idea that I knew all this stuff and could actually hold my own with the chair.

Plus, I think I made my father’s day by telling him that I want to start a 403(b). Awww, his little girl is growing up. Hee!

Quote of the Day: “I just want to move ahead/I just want to free myself - but it’s a struggle/I just want to stay in bed/I just want to be myself - but it’s a struggle.” Struggle, Ringside.

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