Tuesday, August 23, 2005

"I gave her my heart..."

I got a pen. No, I’m not channeling “Say Anything.” I actually did just get a pen. But I’m kind of excited about it because it’s a pretty awesome pen. And it came from our stationary supply rep, which is kind of funny. Anyway, back to the pen. It has its own suction-cup base. The pen itself is big and purple, with a head attached with a spring and the head has a gigantic off-kilter smile and green hair/antennae pieces sticking out the top. And when I write with it, the head boings around like it’s going to come off. Awesome.

Can you tell that I am bored beyond belief today? I tried, but my most high-maintenance doc is out of the office and the other one who usually gives me tons of stuff to do isn’t being very helpful today.

On the bright side, I can work on Bus Project stuff and supposedly Speedy might be in town tonight and we can go get beers. That would totally rock, since I haven’t seen her since April, I think. Although she just called and said she might not. Argh! I think it’s because her suck-ass boss just wants to screw her over, since he seems to like doing that. He’s pretty much the definition of an immature asshole with high-schoolish tendencies, as far as I can tell.

Quote of the Day: “You said something/You said something stupid like/Love won't steal us from loneliness.” Love Steals us From Loneliness, Idlewild.

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