Monday, May 09, 2005

Music, music and more music.

We had a great discussion on Saturday night about what bands we’d be willing to shell out over $100 per ticket to go see. I could only think of five, and I can’t remember one of them, so I’m down to four: the Stones, U2, Linkin Park, and Tom Petty.

The Stones and U2 are pretty self-explanatory, as they are the two biggest bands still in existence on this planet. I’ve seen them both and they put on possibly the greatest arena shows ever.

Linkin Park garnered me a strange look from Indie Rocker until Marshall interrupted and said “No, no, I’m with her. They’re amazing live and I’d pay that too.” Having seen them once, I would pay just about anything to go see them again. They are that good, and I like their music so much that I wouldn’t even hesitate.

Finally, Tom Petty. I was laying in bed this morning, listening to the radio and heard that Tom Petty’s playing the Gorge with the Black Crowes on the Friday of Labor Day Weekend. Perfect. Interestingly enough, Ani and Spearhead are playing at some vineyard in Oregon that same night. Although I think Spearhead is playing at a different festival earlier in the summer. This is why summers in Oregon and Washington are a problem, because there are about a million great shows and just not enough time to see all of them. Argh!

OK, I just found out that Oasis is coming to Seattle in September. Dammit! How am I going to save any money if all these great bands keep coming to town?

Quote of the Day, from an email I sent to Strong Draught: "What...are you doing in late September?"


Sloop said...

No offense, but I'd pay $100 to not see Linkin Park in concert. Can't wait for the U2 show this December, though.

Marshall said...

It was the Beasties baby!