Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Degree moment

I had a “poli sci” moment while listening to NPR this morning and totally geeking out because I am totally fascinated by everything that’s going on these days. I don’t make listening to NPR a habit, but I really should since they cover vastly more information than any radio I choose to listen to.

Anyway, this morning they were discussing Congress and several of the bills that are currently going through. Obviously, the most major issue going through right now is the threat of the “nuclear option” and the end of the judicial filibuster. However, the other issue that is going through threatens to fly under the radar and that’s not good. The issue is that teenagers should be required to tell one or both of their parents if they are getting an abortion. While I agree that anyone under the age of 18 should be entrusting things to their parents, I realize the reality of the situation. I mean, I had the luxury of not worrying about the possibility of needing an abortion until well after the age of consent, but I also had (and still have, for the record) a very strong, supportive relationship with my parents. I knew that if I fucked up (literally!), they would bail me out. Not every girl has that option and that’s a little scary. I can’t imagine telling a 16 year old girl that she either has to tell her parent or convince an administrative judge that she is mature enough to make the decision on her own.

The other one that really got me was the judicial filibuster. I'm still digesting, but it irritates the hell out of me and I'll be interested to watch the Republican party continue to overplay their hands following the "mandate" they've been misreading for months.

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the Croz said...

NPR is awesome! I listen everyday from 12-4:30 (bbc is over at 4:30 and then I switch to Oprah on my radio/tv)

I totally agree with you on the abortion. I am lucky enough to have good parents like that, too, and I guess 2 people at Oregon are lucky enough to have me as a bank b/c they did not have parents like ours.