Monday, May 02, 2005

Sweetness Follows

What a terrific weekend. Friday night was social overload, and that’s just the way that I like it. I started with a girls’ night out and go to hang out with the likes of Joy, Sprite, Princess and a bunch of other really fun chicas over some vino. After that, it was back to my ‘hood for drinks with the whole ski school crew as Mayday is abandoning us for the Midwest once again. Not sure why he’s so attached to that place, but not going to ask, either. Oh well! I made an appearance at Sapphire’s schwanky soiree at her fabulous loft, but there was some drama as I arrived and I didn’t end up staying long. I was pretty ridiculously tired at that point anyway.

I managed to miss my game on Saturday morning as Indie Rocker’s plane was delayed and I am not capable of being in two places at once. Oh well. Either way, I got to pick Indie Rocker up at the airport and spend the entire weekend with him. That makes me one happy girl, really. It was a terrific reunion and we’re still not sick of each other, so that’s always a good sign. Plus, there appeared to be some authorized use of both the girlfriend and boyfriend words, so that’s a new thing. Obviously, it’s been a foregone conclusion for weeks, but sometimes it’s just nice to hear.

We had the world’s most random double date last night with Marshall and Roche, which was kind of hilarious, actually. It just goes to show that my life is never boring.

Quote of the Day: “Through the storm we reach the shore/you gave it all but I want more/and I’m waiting for you/with or without you/with or without you.” With or Without You, U2.

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Croz said...

ok breene, I want some syndication! Anyway you can give me the link so I can do it through my livejournal to keep updated with your life?