Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Roommates...God Bless them.

I had a lovely VD yesterday and managed to escape completely unscathed from the hordes of couples, swarms of flowers and masses of PDAs going around the city last night. Whee! Instead, I volunteered and then went to dinner with a very old friend and a very new friend, went to martinis with said friends and was joined by Joy and had some great conversations. It was very, very nice.

I also discovered this great new blog, called I Hate My Flatmate. It only cracks me up right now because I am mildly irritated by the fact that the boy Steamboat's been bringing home lately was apparently born in a barn. I've actually never seen the boy, but when I get ready for work in the morning, I've walked into the bathroom three different times now to see the toilet seat up and evidence that someone doesn't know where the flush handle is. Now, I appreciate that he doesn't want to wake anyone up, but I will sleep through that and the other option's grossed me out three times now. I nearly wrote a nasty note on the white board this morning and thought better of it. However, I'm still not sure how to proceed. Argh. Perhaps I'll write a note to her explaining that she needs to potty train her boy. Good thing I'm leaving town for a week!

Quote of the Day: "Be careful what you're wishing for/you just might get your heart's desire/is what you want exactly what you need?/I don't think so./Cause you and I/we know what's going on/You and I/gonna take you to the other side/for a little joy." Joy, Gay Dad.

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