Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Happy Bloggy Birthday

I forgot to mark this, but my blog hit it's first birthday this month. I started this a year ago pretty much in a fit of pique, but now it's so much more fun to randomly put stuff on there and let my friends see it and keep up with me.

I hope that things get more interesting as the year goes on and the blog evolves with me. I love that the cast of characters keeps growing and changing. I love that my friends sometimes refer to themselves by their blog names. I love that my friends do check in on me from time to time to catch up and perhaps even get some ammo for mockery of either me or someone else. It's always hilarious.

I'm going to try and post or at least check email from Winter Park, but it's pretty doubtful. It's probably only going to happen if I find me some wifi and steal Dad's laptop. Either way, I hope everyone has a safe, sweet week and wish my blog a happy birthday!

Quote of the Day: "Happy birthday to me!" The blog.

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