Friday, February 25, 2005

I'm alive!

Just in case anyone was wondering, I am alive and back from Winter Park. We had a great time, aside from spending a week in a red state sleeping on a hide-a-bed at 9000 feet. Wow, that doesn't make it sound like fun. But it really was! Winter Park's town is a trip and the ski resort itself is really cool because there's two sides of the mountain and they're both really interesting. The Mary Jane side is largely ungroomed, which means lots of bump skiing and access to the chutes up above. Knee to thigh deep powder=yummy.

Steamboat was awesome too, as it had snowed 8 inches before we got there and again, skied the chutes and bumps. Colorado is big on bumps, which is something we just don't do here in the PNW. Argh.

Speedy's birthday was nice and we got her this great caramel cake that she loved. Plus, I took her out to the pub with her friends and got a great picture of she and I doing Irish Car Bombs. Gotta love that.

We caught an earlier flight out of CO on Wednesday, so that we got home at a decent hour, which rocked. I made about a gazillion phone calls and collapsed. Dinner last night was at Ruth's Chris for Dad's best friend's 60th birthday, so that didn't suck at all. I love getting an amazing dinner for free.

Wish me luck--I'm supposed to hang out with Headfirst tonight. Yikes.

Quote of the Day: "I can't be the calm (your bottle of wine)/I have to be a quarter, not a nickel and dimes/I want to be the prayer answered when you meet me/The pain, the bat and the blood when you beat me up." Custom, Beat Me.

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