Wednesday, January 05, 2005

How you like them apples, Oklahoma?

USC Trojans 55, Oklahoma Sooners 19. Boomer Sooner, my ass.

Once again, the BCS can bite me and the PAC-10, since we’ve proved once again that we rock the house. Hello? We sent in the second-stringers in the fourth quarter and still scored against one of the supposed “toughest defenses in college football.” Yeah, USC rocks.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t say that, but since I went to a PAC-10 college, I get to participate in the cheering and back-patting that goes along with a win like that. If it had been Oregon out there, I’d expect celebrations all over the West Coast just like the ones I saw last night. Yay! Particularly when it's celebrating proving Chitown's friends very, very wrong (especially the one who thinks PAC-10 football is high school caliber. Draw your own conclusions there.)

Either way, good for USC, good for Pete Carroll, and very good for Matt Leinart (side note: Boy is hot, for the record.) for kicking Oklahoma’s ass all over the field.

Oh, and Auburn? Shut the hell up.

Quote of the Day: “I think we proved tonight that we are the No. 1 team in the country without a doubt. No doubt.” Matt Leinart, USC quarterback.

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