Monday, January 10, 2005

Blizzard of Haaaaaas

Way low-key weekend, which is always nice. I got a ride with Bono and SecretSpy up to El Cabino on Friday after work. It was great, because we just chilled. Bono and I built a huge fire in the woodstove. We’re talking inferno here. He got up at one point while we were playing cards to stoke it and came back with a face so red it looked sunburnt. I called him Hellboy for a few minutes, but nobody else got it, so I stopped. Minnie and Ducky drove up and managed to plow the back of Ducky’s car into a ditch, but pushed it out and got up to the cabin safely. They brought tons of beer, and joined in our game of rummy, which SecretSpy totally dominated. We stayed up talking, listening to music and drinking cheap beer for hours. It was great. I even got my favorite bed, which rocked.

Saturday brought me a sweet lesson in the form of five middle schoolers who I had so much fun skiing all over Vista with and who I really hope I have next week. I didn’t have an afternoon lesson, so I ended up ratpacking with a bunch of people. NP and her husband Mock brought up their beautiful and teeny new baby, who is about the cutest thing ever. NP even let me hold her and she yawned and smiled at me. Cute!! I sure don’t want one of my own, but I’m totally in for playing with my friends’ babies! The ratpack was awesome—we just skied all over Shooting Star and had a blast. Likely had actually met up with us by that point and kept up. We had to abandon him for clinics, but he met up with us in the Stube again. The clinic itself was good. We worked with Eeyore on balance stuff that actually helped a lot. I skied a little bit with one of our Tech Teamers on Sunday and managed to dovetail all the information together. So now let’s see if I can apply it to my skiing!

Anyway, Likely met up with us in the bar and is now a Friend of Ski School. We celebrated NP’s birthday with beers and Eeyore managed to get her to take a shot of Jager. Good thing for pumps. Eeewww. We stuck around for quite some time and amassed quite the crew before YM and I bailed off to the cabin for some dinner before collecting Chitown and heading down to Eeyore’s. Once we were there, we just chilled with everyone, chatted, and drank beer before we got tired and the party broke up. We snuck back into the cabin and went to bed quickly…

…Only to be awoken by screaming at 3:50 am. First, Chitown started screaming. Which scared Minnie, who started screaming. Which scared Ducky, who started screaming. Which woke up the rest of the cabin and we poured into the living room to find out what all the screaming was about. Apparently Chitown thought something had jumped onto his neck. As in something small, with four feet, like a mouse. Now, don’t get me wrong. If something rodent-like had jumped onto my neck at 4am, I’d be screaming too. But it wasn’t me, so it’s really, really funny. After watching Chitown dance a little on the couch with the willies, we all calmed down and attempted to go back to bed. I was sharing a room with Canuck and dude snores.

We got up a few hours later, cleaned up the cabin and headed up to the hill. Joy and Likely were nice enough to call and warn us that we’d be stuck in traffic. Yay! I lucked out and got middle school programs for the second day in a row, so I got to ski all morning with Joy, Likely, Type A and Sprite before I broke off to ski with Bono and show up for lineups. I got a class full of never-evers, who I managed to get down Buttercup twice. With 15 minutes left of class, one of the other instructors came over to dump a kid off on me. This kid was 11, but could have played middle linebacker for the Ducks. He also had all the athletic coordination of the Stay-Puf Marshmallow man and was clingy to boot. Joyous. Fortunately I managed to get the class back in one piece before showing back up to my second lineup. Mayday sent me to help with a lost kid and managed to get roped into babysitting for the better part of an hour and a half. At least I got paid more than I ever did babysitting as a kid!

At one point, I was walking down the hall when Senor Muzzle went hustling by with a security guard and shouted over his shoulder that he thought his car had been stolen. Yikes!

After escorting the lost kids to their bus, I came back into the locker room and pestered one of the tech team guys to ski with me, so we took two runs and I came back in with Bono. SecretSpy got changed out and they went to get some food while they waited for me to get ready.

As the three of us walked out, we were talking about the bad karma involved with the theft of Senor Muzzle’s car and various other things when I looked up and said, “Isn’t that Senor Muzzle’s car? And isn’t that Senor Muzzle?” It was. His car hadn’t even been moved. He just couldn’t find it. And he’s so stubborn that he thought it was stolen before he thought maybe he’d just forgotten where it was parked. Awesome.

Got home, went to dinner with friends and came home to a viewing of “Confessions of a Teenaged Drama Queen.” So what did I do? Sat down and watched. Wow. Wayyy too sober for that.

Quote of the Day: “Damn the man. Save the Empire.” Mark (Ethan Embry), Empire Records.

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