Monday, December 13, 2004

Ooohhh...Ouchtown, population you!

So, since the mountain didn’t exactly open, my weekend didn’t go anywhere near where I planned it to go. Which I’m sort of OK with, but there were some bad decisions made this weekend and I’m kind of hoping they don’t come back to bite me. However, I managed to either get the crap beaten out of me or beat the crap out of myself. I am covered in scratches all over my legs from hashing, I’ve got a huge bruise on my left bicep, scratches under my eye, a sore rib cage, and a sneaking suspicion that the “bruise” on my neck might be something else. Well, the sneaking suspicion is more like “that better not be what I think it is and if it is, I’m going to kick his ass.”

Anyway, the weekend was one of those where it starts out just fine and rapidly spirals out of control until I was so dizzy that I didn’t really know which way was up. Go figure.

Friday night was spent hashing with the girls. I managed to talk Joy into coming with on the all-girl hash, which ended up being a really fun time. We ran all over Eastmoreland and Reed College in the dark before heading over to one of the hares’ house for cocktails and a clothing swap, which was super-fun. I scored several cool articles of clothing—one of the girls had even brought a Bad Religion tshirt. Mine now! After that, we met up with the boys at a bar and watched really bad karaoke for a little while before I finally ran out of steam and Joy gave me a ride home. Shortly after getting home (around 1am), the phone rang and it was Roche, who was on my street. I got dressed again and tottered down to the Lompoc to meet him for a beer. Bad Decision #1. I was not sober enough to be hanging out, but managed to hold it together long enough to chat a little.

Saturday morning I awoke at 6am to two text messages from Marshall, since the rain had eroded the base and we weren’t going up to the mountain since it wasn’t open. Grrr. I checked the snow phone, wandered into the pool house to tell Minnie we weren’t going up and then went back to bed for a few more hours. After I got up again, Minnie and I had decided to go to breakfast and windowshop. I had also talked Joy and Likely into hashing with me in the afternoon. I went over to Joy’s with Strong Draught and watched the beginning of “Dodgeball” before changing and getting ready for hashing. We picked up Likely, got lost, called Roche for directions and finally got to Headfirst’s house just in time. It was hilarious. The run itself was great—truly all over the place and I should have known better than to wear shorts. Hence the scratched legs and the sore rib cage. We were all over the place. By the second beer check, Likely had the biggest smile on his face and thanked me so many times for bringing him hashing. It was awesome. I think he might be hooked. We finally made it back to Headfirst’s house shortly after dark and the fire was already going and the beer was nice and cold. We hung out, ate yummy food, sang loads of dirty songs, and had a great time before it started to rain a little harder. Joy pulled Roche aside for a little heart-to-heart and then he and I had a little chat, which ended up being really good. I think there’s a possibility, albeit small, that he and I can be friends. We’ll see. It was starting to get late, so we decided to swing by Likely’s apartment and go wake up his roommate. However, Bubbles wasn’t there, so we played with the cat for a few minutes and then headed out to the big party. It’s a good thing we didn’t stop by the liquor store—it wouldn’t have ended well.

The party was delightful and we shocked everyone by showing up in our hashing gear. Joy and I snuck upstairs fairly early to shower and change, since I was starting to get cold and the dried dirt on my legs was starting to itch. Once we were clean, there was much havoc to wreak and people to have fun with. Helmet did his patented skiing down the stairs move twice, while Bubbles sledded down the stairs once with much less success and a much bigger goose egg on his knee.

Around 1am, I left the party with Bubbles, Honey, Likely, Yes, and Realty to go to another party. Bad Decision #23, by this point. I played ping-pong with a remarkably lucid Likely for half an hour before bailing out and crashing at Yes’s house. In the morning, I discovered that I had Bubbles’ cell phone, Honey’s hat, my cell was at Helmet’s house and my keys and car were at Joy’s. It was that kind of night. The crew reassembled at Helmet’s house to swap phones, reacquire possessions and watch open-vacuum surgery as Helmet’s lovely wife Type A had inadvertently vacuumed up a cork. Whoops. After that we rallied Joy, Princess and Likely and went to breakfast. We finished breakfast at 3pm and I spent the rest of the afternoon at Joy’s watching “Dodgeball” again. That movie rocks.

So yeah. Bad decisions. And Eire gets here tomorrow. I’m a little scared.

Quote of the Day: “I'm fine. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.” Kate Veatch (Christine Taylor), Dodgeball.

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