Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Ooohhh...a pot of gold!!

I’m making a concerted effort today not to be freaking out. So far it’s working out OK, but only because I can distract myself by occasionally doing some work. If I had the day off, I would have lost it by now. The reason for this particular brand of neurosis? Eire is on his way to PDX. He’s supposed to call me when he gets here. I think he thinks I’m going to be in town this weekend, which isn’t the case.

If that doesn’t happen, I might have to go drinking with Marshall, Chitown, WRX, Dutchman and Joy. And maybe figure out how to get into Modest Mouse, if I get really neurotic. Dancing is quite healthy.

I never said I wasn’t a complete geek. I own that. And I might have looked up flights from Dublin on Travelocity yesterday and I might have tracked the one through O’Hare shortly after it took off. But I haven’t done it since.

I really hate waiting for my phone to ring!!!

Quote of the Day: “If you’re having girl problems/I feel bad for you, son/I got 99 problems/but a bitch ain’t one.” 99 Problems, Jay-Z.

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