Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Smashing garlic is really fun. No, really!

Crazy weekend. I’m still not sure if it was good or bad, but I’m still standing, so that’s usually a good sign.

Wednesday I spent in bed after calling in late to work because I was coughing up a lung. Around 8:30, Martini called and told me not to bother coming in to work since the girls didn’t want me to share my germs. So I slept. All day. I finally got up around 4 and dragged myself out to eat some sushi with Steamboat, have dessert with the girls, have a beer with the girls and then stop by TGWS’s going away party with Marshall and her brother, Kodiak. We ran into Minnie, Eeyore, and Teddy at the party and stayed significantly longer than we meant to. It actually ended up being really fun.

Thursday was spent sleeping in and cooking. It was awesome. Since Mom and I took a cooking class on Monday, I was all about helping her cook. I got to smash garlic, which was super fun, and got to chop stuff and play with knives and boiling water and all that cool stuff that goes along with cooking. It rocked. My parents’ best friends came over with their daughter and we ate tons of good food, joked around and ate some more. Speedy, Marshall, Kodiak, Chitown and I headed out for our second annual sibling post-Thanksgiving beer around 9, which was fun. We were all so full that we would talk for a few minutes and then start spacing out and watching “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” which was playing on the big screen on the wall. It was hilarious.

Friday was spent sleeping in again, which rocked. I got to eat Mom’s coffee cake for the second morning in a row and Dad, Speedy and I had a great big snow tire party, so that once it does start snowing, we can all drive to the mountain now. After I finished my laundry, I decided to suck it up and drive over to Roche’s house, since I was sick of thinking about him and decided to just deal with the situation so I don’t have to spend any more time on it. We talked for the better part of two hours and seem to have settled on some attempt at being friends, so we’ll see. He doesn’t totally get it and I’m not sure he’s ever going to. After that, I met up with Joy and her friends to watch the Christmas tree lighting downtown. Which we missed. Because we were getting hot cocoas. Go figure. Oh well. It was still cool. After that, we went over to Joy’s friend’s house for dinner and to hang with her folks. It was fun, actually. The food was incredible. Roche called and invited us to go play pool, so after a while we went and did that. It was kind of a stupid idea and I regretted going, but what can you do? Fortunately, Joy and I weren’t done with our evening quite yet, so when Roche’s crew finally took off, ours sort of broke up as well. We had one of the girls take us over to see Fresh, but then we ran into some college drinking buddies of Joy’s, so we headed to a different bar and drank ourselves silly. It was great.

Saturday I woke up a little hungover. Roche called to see if I was going hashing, which I wasn’t sure I wanted to do. I took Joy home, Strong Draught cooked breakfast and then Walkabout called to give me directions to her house and to tell me that I was coming hashing. Go figure. Roche called back to make sure I was going, so I finally changed my clothes and got moving. I got over to Walkabout’s house in plenty of time and didn’t even get lost, so Roche can kiss my ass. For a variety of reasons, as it turns out, but that’s the first one. Either way, I ended up riding with Roche down to the hash, so whatever. It was a great time—I did actually run for a good chunk of it as well as drank some beer. They even had hot buttered rum and food at the end of it, so that rocked. I lost Walkabout’s shirt, but hopefully someone will find it. If not, it’s off to REI to replace it. Oh well. God bless gift certificates.

After the hash, I headed back to Walkabout’s house with the crew and ended up being partially dragged to the hockey game since I still had a few hours before meeting up with the girls for Dumped Girls Night Out at McMeatMarket. It was a good game, and we had a lot of fun. I even ran into Afroman, which was hilarious. He’s so cool. I wish I would have known to bring a teddy bear, since there was a special thing going on when the Winterhawks scored their first goal of the night, the fans tossed teddy bears onto the ice to be donated to the local children’s hospitals. There were hundreds of teddy bears cascading over our heads for a good five minutes once the team scored. It was very cool.

I bailed after the second period to run home, change, meet Speedy and head to the club. We got there late, which sucked because it meant that we had to stand in line and potentially pay cover. We managed to get out of paying cover, fortunately, but were still freezing outside for the better part of half an hour. I hate that. We bitched, I saw Backup Date, one of Joy’s college buddies, and we bitched some more before finally getting in and seeing everyone. Joy, Marshall, Blondie, Princess, and several assorted other friends were all there and had taken over a table at the corner of the main bar area. It ended up being a prime location and we promptly set up our own party right there.

Hottie and Kodiak joined us about an hour or two into the evening, which was hilarious. Everyone was dancing, drinking, running around the club, flirting and otherwise goofing off. We managed to close the club, which was hilarious. I’d had so much fun that I didn’t even notice that it had gotten so late. Joy and I found ourselves dancing with a cute Aussie and his Dutch friend. Awesome.

Sunday was spent in pajamas, watching movies and making chocolate chip cookies. Sweet. Now it’s back to the grindstone, which hasn’t sucked so far. I’m quite busy, so that’s a great thing.

Quote of the Day: “I believe in love, but it don't believe in..../I believe in love, but it don't believe in me/I believe in love, but it don't believe in me.” Roller Skate Skinny, Old 97s.

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