Monday, December 06, 2004

Getting enough sleep freaking rocks.

I’m awake, without the benefit of coffee and without misery, for the first time in a long time. I went to bed around 10:30 last night, was awoken by a text message, turned off my phone and then woke up again around 5:30 because I think my body was confused by all the sober sleep. I woke up again around 6, and when my alarm finally sounded at 6:30, I was actually fully prepared to get out of bed. It was kind of nice. Not as nice as actually sleeping straight through, but baby steps, here!

The weekend was actually rather relaxing. Friday night was spent driving out to Hood River with Redhead and Chitown, since Redhead just bought a super-sexy Audi A4 Quattro that she scored some snow tires for on craigslist and had to pick up in HR. Also, DB and his lovely wife were having people over for soup. So we packed up my car, Redhead accidentally shut my hand in the door and we managed to get Chitown off the phone long enough to get in my car. Fortunately, the drive was much less eventful. We picked up the tires from a nice lady who was leaving for Whistler first thing the next morning and then piled into DB’s house. His lovely wife had made minestrone with tortelloni, which we eagerly ate like starving wolves. It was really nice to see the crew who was there—DB, Lovely Wife, Chief LHV and several other assorted MHM kids. After that, we headed out for a drink at Savino’s, where we ran into Boarder and another MHMer who wouldn’t leave Redhead along. Sometimes cockblocking is a very good thing. We had a nice, peaceful drive home and I was in bed by midnight.

Saturday was kind of nuts, because I woke up, spent half the first hour I was awake on the phone, letting Chitown take my keys to retrieve his phone charger, trying to organize my stuff and then helping a friend pick up her “new” bed and move it across the river. My car wasn’t really designed to have a mattress on top, but it seemed to work out OK. She’s delighted, so we went and had a cup of coffee to celebrate before I went to breakfast/brunch/whatever with YM. We had some delicious crepes and discussed our collective single status before braving windowshopping on Hawthorne. After thoroughly exhausting ourselves (and managing to dye my hands red thanks to some candles), we went our separate ways and I took a quick nap before meeting up with WRX to head over to the Rose Garden for the Pape Jam.

I’m not a huge fan of basketball and tend to only be interested during March Madness, but the game rocked and I had a great time. WRX and I played “Sneak Into Better Seats” very successfully, which was great. What was also great was watching the Ducks go on a 10 point run that involved a dunk and two 3-pointers. Poor WRX has impeccable timing when it comes to going to the bathroom. Either way, the game was awesome and we had fun. Dinner was Thai and then we wandered over to meet up with friends at Kell’s and crash an office party. Woohoo! I like Kell’s as a general rule, but I hate paying cover to get in. Thus, getting there early enough to avoid that makes the evening much more fun. We partook of much Guinness and managed to watch some of Amadan, MHM’s favorite Irish band. I was very excited about this, unlike everyone else. Argh! After the party had largely broken up, the crew migrated over to XV. YM met up with us there, as well as my favorite pair of HS friends/Ringler’s DJs. Love those boys. And I see them everywhere!! YM and I did some dancing, I hung out with the Kell’s crew and WRX until he decided that he’d had about as much fun as he could stand for the evening and went home. I stuck around for a little while, but then YM and I were cajoled by Chitown into picking him up. We left XV, and headed out to pick up Chitown, since Redhead was ready to go home. By the time we got there, Redhead was tempted enough to caravan over to Holocene with us and go dancing for a little while, which was great. After that, it was starting to get late, so YM and I drove Chitown home (for real this time) and then stopped by Taco Bell since we were starving. By the time I finally got home, it was 3:45 am.

Fortunately, I had exactly no pressing plans for Sunday and after sleeping until nearly noon, spent the entire day in comfy clothes doing laundry, hauling Christmas decorations, playing computer games, being bought Moonstruck hot cocoa by my mom, eating mac and cheese and picking up Joy at the airport. And talking on the phone with various people, most of whom don’t understand the opposite sex. Welcome to my world. So yeah, yesterday pretty much rocked.

Quote of the Day: "I don't wanna behave/I don't wanna behave/I don't wanna behave/And I don't wanna live up to your standards/I'd always thought that we had the same goals/But now I know what you're after/You'll do anything to get what you want/and there's nothing that wouldn't put past you/It's pathetic to see how uptight you can be/When things don't all go your way." Don't Wanna Behave, Dance Hall Crashers

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