Wednesday, October 20, 2004

We're coming Home, again.

I’m teaching myself a new word and a new phrase this week. The word is “No” and the phrase is “Thanks, but I already have plans.” I don’t know if it’s going to work, but it’s a nice thought, right?

My weekend essentially kicked ass. I spent the entire time having fun with my friends. Friday night was Marshall and Sassy’s housewarming party in their new apartment downstairs from the old one. This followed a rather spirited happy hour with Joy and Sprite. I fully intended to go home from work, take a nap, pack all my things for Eugene, do a little work and then head over to Marshall and Sassy’s for an hour or so. Well, as soon as I heard Joy’s voice on my voicemail telling me that it was time to drink, that didn’t happen. At all. Instead, the three of us met at the Brazen Bean, where I ran into a guy I went to high school with. He looked at me in line and asked if I’d gone to Lakeridge. Well, yeah. I guess we had drama together or something. He was vastly more popular than I was, so it’s really interesting to see, something like seven years later, that people noticed me way, way more than I thought in high school. But I digress.

Anyway, Joy, Sprite and I met at the Bean, put back several martinis apiece along with a margerita pizza before heading across the street to the Silver Dollar pizza place (and for everyone I went to college with, I know exactly how funny that is.) for pizza, PBR and shots of Jager. Well, by this point it was dark outside, which meant that it was time to get to Marshall and Sassy’s. We called a cab, since there was no driving at this point and piled in. Once we got there, the party was starting into full swing and was packed for hours. It was hilarious. Many cups of Mac Frost, jello shots and tickle fights on the couch later, the place started to clear. I talked to a ton of my friends before being sent over next door to retrieve one of the boys. Well, instead I ended up hanging out over there for a few hours since apparently I was more tired than I thought. I woke up on the couch over there around 7am and had to go knock on Sassy’s door to get my purse so I could call a cab and go home. Once I got there, it was a rush to shower, change, eat something and get some coffee so I could get on the road to Eugene before game traffic stopped by Corvallis. I managed to get out of the house and on the road in just under an hour, so I rock.

The drive was uneventful, so that didn’t suck. I got to Eugene and met some friends at the Motel 66 to walk over to the game. I ran into a buddy of mine and we walked over to the tailgater together, where I met up with the guys I was attending the game with. The Dutchman ran over to get me, since I was getting nowhere trying to figure out his directions. My bad, not his. We wandered over to the tent, where I met a bunch of different people and was handed a beer almost immediately. I got to meet Dutchman’s brother, parents and a variety of other friends, not all of whose connections I can remember. WRX was there, too, and he and I got a chance to catch up. I actually met WRX long before I met Dutchman, so it was hilarious to discover that they were friends. It was this whole six-degrees-of-separation thing thanks to Chitown and Dutchman’s fiancee. But I digress, again.

We had quite a lovely barbecue and drank a few beers before the game. Once we finished, we packed as much in the car as we could and started stashing beers in our sweatshirts. WRX seemed determined to take in beer for the whole game, so we tried. I managed to be the idiot walking across MLK with a beer in my hand, but didn’t get caught so woohoo for me. We got into the game with all beers intact, inexplicably, and managed to get to our rather fantastic seats without incident. The game itself was good in the sense that we won and the seats kicked much ass as they were right by the endzone and we could see everything. We also managed to drink all the beer, so the cheering got exponentially louder with each beer consumed. God Bless PBR.

After the game, we wandered back to the tailgater and fired the BBQ back up. WRX had wandered off at this point to find his friend and tell him that he didn’t need a ride. We had another round of food and even more beer before WRX got back, we fed him and hopped into Dutchman’s car for a ride over to yet another friend’s house. We showed up and I discovered that the guys’ friend happened to live with a frat/raver buddy of mine from school. We hung out there, watched band practice, drank more beer and then Bumbershoot came to get me so we could go to the bars.

Once we got to Rennie’s, we stood in line for way too long, but got to make friends with the cute boy standing behind us. We got inside and spent a bunch of time hanging out with old friends, eating cheese fries and drinking a lot of beer. It was awesome.

Bumbershoot and I went to breakfast with her boyfriend, her friend and Speedy and then proceeded to spend the entire day on the couch watching football. Go Broncos. Yeah.

What a kickass weekend. I’m already scheming to come back down.

Quote of the Day: “Here they come marching down the street,/Like a desperation murmur of a heart beat,/Coming back from the edge of town,/Underneath their feet.” Homecoming, Green Day

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