Monday, October 11, 2004

The only way to get there is by boat

Camping!! I haven’t been camping in ages, so when some of my dodgeball teammates asked if I wanted to hit Government Island with them this weekend, I agreed. It’s a cool place to camp, actually, since the only way to get there is via some sort of watercraft as there aren’t any roads. Hence, late Saturday afternoon, I found myself driving over to Yes’s house to pick him up along with Cap’n and SSMSB so we could put the canoe on top of my car. DaKine rocks my world right now, since the pad-and-strap surfing setup worked perfectly for the canoe. Sweet!

We got to the carpark area and waited for the other crew to come over from the island and help us over, since there was no way in hell all four of us were fitting in that one canoe without flipping or getting soaking wet. Either way, we threw the majority of our gear into the canoe we brought, Yes and I jumped in and paddled towards the crew coming across with another canoe. We stayed by the shoreline, so that we could help out when the others got there and picked up Cap’n and SSMSB. Yes and I rock at paddling, despite the fact that I can no longer paddle a canoe like a normal person. Instead, I try to do it like it’s a dragonboat. Which sort of works. Either way, I’m sore as hell from the paddle back upstream to the cars yesterday. Damn.

We finally made it to the island after nearly beaching ourselves on a sandbar. There was a full welcoming party and we managed to set up our tents, get everything out of the boats and get settled within 20 minutes. After that it was time to really start drinking and we embarked on the drinking bocce game. Now, I’ve never really played bocce to begin with, so this was a bit of an adventure. Town Drunk and I were a team, which was straight up hilarious. We are not good. Keep that in mind. The goal of the game is to toss the ball in your hand and get it closest to a golfball sized white ball, which earned your team a point. We also had a twist in that a beer can also got thrown. You had to stay as far away from the beer can as possible, since the closest team had to take shots. If you were the closest to both, you could get a point and then assign the shots to another team. We took several shots in a row before we got a little better at aiming and even managed to win one round. Sweet! The headlamps were sort of helping, but SSMSB had my divelight since he didn’t have a headlamp and as it was the brightest source of light, we put him in charge of spotting the white ball. He was doing OK until he and I got into a full-on pinching fight. I didn’t find any bruises, yet.

After a team that wasn’t us won, we all headed back to the fire, chatted with some pirates who had wandered down the beach and continued to play drinking games. We managed to kill all the beer as well as do a commendable job on a bottle of Jack, SoCo, Jager and a bag o’ wine. Yeah, exactly. The airplanes finally stopped flying around 1am, so we got some sleep.

The canoe ride back was hilarious, since we had played more games, ate a bunch of yummy food and sat around playing Frisbee, sober bocce and a murder game. All good fun.

The Boy and I went to see “Eternal Sunshine” again last night. Again for me, not him. It kicked ass again. I think I’m starting to really like The Boy. We’ll see, eh?

Quote of the Day: “Well, technically speaking, the operation is brain damage, but on a par with a night of heavy drinking. Nothing you'll miss.” Howard Mierzwiak (Tom Wilkinson), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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