Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Don't hike SW Vista in Heels

I’m starting an apartment hunt with my roommate-to-be, Tintin. I always get really excited about the prospect of starting to look for a new place until I remember what apartment hunting is really like. Then I start dreading it, as apartment hunting is a fairly painful ordeal even on a good day.

You’ll all be kept apprised of the really good stories, as I am certain that there will be some. The beginning of the saga was the hour long discussion Tintin and I had over dishes at Our House, where we volunteer every Monday. We decided that we are fairly compatible roommates, save for the single fact that I hate cleaning and have a remarkable ability to overlook it until the dustbunnies begin taking up residence at the kitchen table and drinking all the milk in the fridge. Pitched battles then ensue and I ignore cleaning until the next occurrence. I think she’s a little neater than I am. We’ll compromise.

Anyway, our first adventure together was driving all over NW Portland for an hour and a half. I got a ton of exercise jumping out of the car and running over to all of the FOR RENT signs to see if they said, wait for it…Studio/1 bedroom. Now, Tintin and I are good friends and all, but two bedrooms is really the smallest apartment we’re willing to share. Pretty much the only apartment we’re willing to share. NW is notorious for having tiny apartments anyway, but since she works in Beaverton, I have to be a little more flexible than “I want to live in Irvington and you can’t make me live anywhere on the West Side.” However, I think I am going to have to trick her into looking at the East Side, but we’ll see.

So we drove all over the place and found not much. We did get quite the hike in walking up Vista to check out apartments. In heels. Yeah, always right up there with the good ideas. So I talked to her yesterday, as we were checking out an apartment from whose window I could see my office, and she told me that she had gotten a call about one of the Vista apartments. Which is great. It sounds cool. I almost laughed my butt off as this guy I dated briefly (are we calling it that? Can I plead insanity or drug use? Please?) two years ago who we shall refer to as Cell Phone still lives up there and I cannot imagine being forced to run into him again. Martini suggested I invest in a really wide-brimmed hat or a perma-hood. Maybe this will become a moot point, but it’s pretty funny to ponder.

Next week’s adventure is in Goose Hollow. Wish me luck!

Quote of the Day: “They will see us waving from such great heights/'come down now,' they'll say/But everything looks perfect from far away/'come down now,' but we'll stay...” Such Great Heights, The Postal Service

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