Thursday, April 29, 2004

I don't know what a tomato shark is, either.

Whee! Such a great afternoon and evening yesterday! Chitown hosted a great happy hour at Bluehour, since he’s working with the Tillamook Rainforest Coalition and they had an event called “Bluehour goes green for the Tillamook.” It was really cool, as they had a special drink for us as well as a few tasty menu items. Well, the mushroom thingies were good, but according to Swimfan’s friend, the panini left a little to be desired. According to him, it was a grilled cheese sandwich with ridges. Hee!

It was a great turnout, which was nice. The chair of the organization stood up and talked, as did the executive director. I also got to see Chitown’s dad, who is a kick in the pants. He was telling us how he had just gotten back from Sundance and had met Robert Redford. Cool.

Anyway, the drinks were delish and after the happy hour finished, the last people standing were, of course, ski schoolers. On the bright side, that meant that we got to go over to Wieden + Kennedy and go play on the roof as Afroman told us there was a DJ spinning and we could come play and drink their beer. Obviously, we all thought that was a great idea, so we piled out of Bluehour and went next door. Redhead had her cardkey, so we ran upstairs and started drinking Heineken, dancing and playing on the roof. YM was my dance buddy before I wandered over to Redhead, who had commandeered the hammock. She and I had a nice chat before heading back to the party and yielding the hammock to Ty Webb and YM.

Canuck and I had an interesting chat last night that once again convinced me that I need to go to Ireland this summer. He made the point that he believes that opportunities don't come along that often and if you don't take them when they do, they might stop altogether. In the interest of not taking that risk, I think I should take this opportunity. Yeah, that sounds about right.

After the party started to die down, we wandered inside and played games all over the place. Ty Webb and I beat YM and Afroman at a best-of-three foosball tournament. In the interest of honesty, Ty Webb is a much, much better foosball player than I am. Either way, it was a great time. Shortly thereafter, Chitown and I decided we were still starving and made a run for Escape from New York pizza, which is one of my favorite pizza joints of all time. I burnt the hell out of my mouth, but such is life.

I am completely ADD today and I cannot figure out why. I should be asleep at the wheel, but I think I have adrenaline overload keeping me wide awake.

Quote of the Day: “What if I could go to sleep for days/would you count the hours/or would your restlessness consume faded memories of me?” At a Glance, AFI

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