Monday, March 15, 2004

Jeans and a polypro...

It costs $2.21 per minute to call Ireland. Just a point of reference from anyone on the AT&T Wireless network on this side of the country. I didn’t check for the other side as I don’t live there and thus, don’t really care. So, yeah, time to go to Costco and purchase a handy dandy phone card that isn’t going to force me to leverage my car against my phone bill. Good lord. How does this seem logical?

Money problems aside, it’s been a great few days. Skiing all weekend was gorgeous and loads of fun. Snowrider had a great and successful time at Vegetate, so that makes me happy as well. My cheeks and nose are ruddy from not using enough sunscreen, but I could think of worse problems to have.

I am massively sleep deprived as my friend Bumbershoot is in town from Eugene and I’m stoked to be hanging out with her. We’ve been running around town trying to figure out fun places and good drinks. It’s been pretty fun, actually. We managed to persuade Chitown to hang out with us last night and ended up at Muu Muu’s for beers at the end of the evening. I am so sleepy! But in a good, Starbucks-fixable kind of way.

My roommate said the funniest thing to me this morning. She yelled at me for not telling her that our mutual friend Ron was in town, which I had forgotten entirely, actually. She and I were joking about his new girlfriend, who lives here while he lives in Minnesota. I joked that we had said, “Geez, Ron, fear commitment much?” My roommate looks at me, starts to laugh and says, “Um, Captain? Pot…kettle…black!! IRELAND!!”

Unchallenged. And don’t even get me started on airfares…

Quote of the day: “You're all scared and stiff/A sick stolen gift/And the people you're with/They're all scared and stiff/And I wanted to be/Wanted to be your good friend.” All in Your Mind, Beck

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