Monday, January 04, 2010

2010 resolutions - sort of.

I gave some serious thought to these new resolutions over the weekend, and I decided that I need to have some yearlong goals, but also some smaller, monthly goals as well. I tend to think big, and then the details fall through. Much like my savings goals, which totally have never happened.

That said, I have two main goals for the New Year:

1. Take care of my back problem, and stop being in constant pain. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disorder in 2008, and have had lower back pain since then pretty much consistently. I'm always concerned about my back, but since I don't really know what to do about it, I've done nothing. I plan to see another doctor about this, eat better, lose some weight and focus on strengthening my core muscles in order to try and eliminate some of the back pain.

2. Get a new job. I applied for a new job at the end of last year, and intend to network, apply for new jobs, and just keep chipping away at this one until I am somewhere I want to be, which is ideally working as a program/project manager working on renewable energy or conservation.

My monthly goals for January are a little simpler:
1. Put money into my savings account and leave it there
2. Work up to a manageable workout program by running a few times a week, going to yoga once a week, riding my bike to work at least once a week, and skiing.
3. Put together a budget for the month of January, taking into account that I will be going on a major vacation on the 29th and will need to buy clothes, a ski pass, and some other bigger ticket items. Start putting together a February budget to pay off the credit card bills these items will inevitably incur.

I like the idea of breaking down the bigger goals into littler ones. I think working up to a manageable workout schedule is good, because I tend to have these grand goals and throw myself straight into them without regard for the fact that I fail for a reason and it's usually that I can't keep up with the crazy schedule/expectations that I set for myself.

So perhaps the model for 2010 should be moderation, since 2009 was clearly the year to go big. Hmmm...

Quote of the Day: "Why don't we remember a Goddamn thing from last night?"
"Obviously because we had a great fucking time." Stu Price & Phil Wenneck (Ed Helms and Bradley Cooper), The Hangover.

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