Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Lost in Translation, again

So it seems that I can never seem to keep up the blog, even when I say I'm going to. Oh well. I'm going to need a venting space these days, though.

I am very seriously ramping up the job search now, because things have fallen into place at work that make it abundantly obvious that this is a short-term gig at best.

I'm not concerned about my job security, but I am concerned about my sanity at my job. I asked for a promotion in my last last review that, based on merit, I should have already gotten. However, I recently discovered that any promotion will be based on arbitrary criteria and most likely won't come with a raise.

Armed with that information, I am quite motivated to get a move on, especially in light of my recent scholastic achievement. I intend to pick up my diploma next week, enjoy a celebratory happy hour with friends, and starting doggedly pursuing the next chapter in my professional life. Cheers!

Quote of the Day: "The thing about Jim is... when he's excited about something- like the Office Olympics- he gets really into it and he does a really great job. But the problem with Jim is that he works here so... that hardly ever happens." Pam Beesley (Jenna Fischer), The Office.

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