Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2008 Resolutions. How'd I Do?

Well, to refresh everyone's memory, including mine, here were 2008's Resolutions:

1. Strike a better balance between work, school, exercise, and friends. The reasoning behind this is pretty simple, but I also found that doing it is much harder than it looks. It's very easy to get totally caught up in homework and neglect my friends, family, boyfriend and puppy. I honestly feel like I didn't see my friends for about six weeks in the fall and that, frankly, sucked. I'm pretty thrilled to report that this definitely happened. I managed to run once a week with K-fab most of the fall and we're talking about other races to run in 2009. Munchkin started going to daycare once a week, and we started weaning ourselves and her off coming home at lunch, which freed up some time and money. I also felt like I managed to see my friends a whole bunch. I didn't spend the Astoria 'cross race doing homework this year, and also managed to race a few races myself. I even took three classes and still pulled straight As this term. Plus, I've managed to figure out how to graduate in August 2009, so that completely rules.

2. Create some exercise goals and accomplish them. Bumbershoot and I were talking over IM a few days ago and were discussing running a 10K or half-marathon together. I really liked this idea for a variety of reasons. I got the Nike iPod+ thingie for Christmas and would love to start playing with it, and I really like the idea of having something to train for, rather than the ever-nebulous "get back into shape." Plus, I am so much more motivated to do things when my friends are right there with me. Again, I am thrilled to report that I did this. I ran a half-marathon back in May, ran both Rainier to Pacific and Hood to Coast, and have run at least once per week since then. I'm just stoked that this worked out, and like I said, K-fab and I are already discussing race plans for 2009. Kickass.

3. Explore different opportunities at work. I'm intentionally being vague about this, but hopefully that will end up being a good thing in 2008. You know, when I wrote this, I was hoping to maybe switch departments or get a promotion. Truth be told, I didn't really get either. However, I did get a bunch of new responsibilities, a raise, and some job security in a seriously weak economy. So there's that.

4. Get my face under control. I changed my birth control method in the past year and it is wreaking havoc with my face. I've already gone to the dermatologist once and have another appointment next month. I am pretty motivated to get this done, and I like the idea of a resolution I can definitely accomplish. This one turned out to be the hardest one to see through to the end. I spent five months on Accutane this year, and frankly, it was awful. I spent five straight months attempting not to get any sun at all while completely covering myself in Aquaphor, lotion, and drinking roughly a gallon of water a day. It completely and totally sucked. The last month was the absolute worst--I could barely wear my contacts most days and my glasses gave me constant headaches, to go along with the headaches from being slightly dehydrated all of the time. By the end of it, I honestly didn't think it was worth it. Five months later, my face is really nice and clear, and I'm starting to think that it was worth it. I do like not having crazy complicated breakouts, and my skin looks really nice. I just never want to go back on that shit ever again.

5. Set up a charitable giving plan for 2008. Pretty self-explanatory, really. Well, I set it up, but accomplishing it was something else entirely. I need to stop setting such optimistic financial goals and start with a functional savings account. Then I can take baby steps. Although I did donate enough to get an Oregon tax credit. Gobama, indeed!

6. Make the relationship call. I'm pretty sure I already covered this one. In great detail. And I must say, I am very confident that it was 100% the right call. I'm crazy in love and hoping to stay that way for a very long, long time.

Quote of the Day: "Sometimes, truth isn't good enough, sometimes people deserve more. Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded." Batman (Christian Bale), The Dark Knight.

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