Monday, August 11, 2008

Like a cartoon, really.

We have new neighbors across the street, and so far they are pretty cool. We did rib them a little bit for driving an H3 and confessed that we had our doubts that they would be cool.

Obviously they are, and I realize that having a diesel Suburban means that we don't really have a judgmental leg to stand on. Point taken.

That said, the new neighbors are the parents of a very large, very sweet Bernese mountain dog. He's 2 and 1/2, and he and the Munchkin get along just fine. In fact, they were wrestling around in the front yard the other night, and I guess the BMD got a little tired or something.

He sat on the Munchkin.

I'm not kidding--it was hilarious. All I could see was the Munchkin's legs and tail thrashing around while the BMD looked around like "where'd she go?" His owner and I were nearly crying, we were laughing so hard. His owner finally told him to move, and the Munchkin kicked his butt for sitting on her. It's really too bad they don't like each other.

Quote of the Day: "Hey, did somebody sit on me just now?" Lane (Keiko Agena), Gilmore Girls.

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