Monday, October 15, 2007


So I managed to check off one of my fall goals yesterday, which was a lot earlier than I thought I would. I raced in my very first cyclocross race, in the beginner women's class. I did terribly--I think I'm, like, third from last for the women who finished, but the point is that I did finish even after running out of steam and wanting to die for much of it. On the bright side, since my finish rank involved an 8, which was the magic number yesterday, I did win a six-pack of beer. Go me!

Cyclocross in Portland is huge--around 900 people trekked out to North Plains yesterday and raced. Indie Rocker did great--he finished 34th out of 109 finishers in his class. I think it's partly because he has an amazing new bike, but probably because the training kicked in and he did great.

A bunch of our hasher friends race 'cross as well, partly because the cultures are very similar and partly because the schedules don't overlap. So it's lots of fun to have a big ol' crowd out there cheering.

So, long story short, I need to start working out more and running stairs so that I can start finishing closer to the top and farther from running out of gas. I don't mind being lapped, but I'd like to be the last person lapped instead of one of the first. Got to keep setting those goals, eh?

Quote of the Day: "Bicycle races are coming your way/So forget all your duties oh yeah!/Fat bottomed girls they'll be riding today/So look out for those beauties oh yeah/On your marks get set go." Bicycle Races, Queen.

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