Saturday, August 18, 2007


What a weekend so far! Last night sounded pretty mellow. We went to yoga, which we never do on a Friday and which I enjoyed.

After that, we went and looked at puppies. We've been talking about getting a dog for about six months now, and decided to ramp up the search a few weeks back. Well, we don't need to search anymore. The puppies we looked at last night were part of a litter born to an abandoned mom, who was probably kept for breeding purposes and wasn't treated very well. She was a yellow lab, and had six black lab puppies--two girls and four boys. We picked one of the girls and are going to name her Molly. Don't worry--we will post pictures ASAP. We get to pick her up a week from tomorrow, since then she'll be spayed and be 7 1/2 weeks old.

Seriously? So cute!

After that, we had dinner at a really nice place, where we nearly ate half of their inventory because we were starving and ran into Nancy from the cheese shop. It was good fun and a delicious dinner. We came home and enjoyed the newly installed cable. We may have to keep HBO, since we were watching "Entourage" and "Flight of the Conchords," both of which were really, really funny.

Today, we slept in and then went to the farmer's market. It happened to coincide with PSU's summer graduation, so there were about a million people there, but we still had a nice breakfast and talked to Indie Rocker's aunties. Once we came home, I went for a 5 mile run. It was really hilly and it sucked, but I ran the whole thing, which kicked ass. Then, I decided to go for a ride with Indie Rocker, so I followed him all over the neighborhood and we went to the local middle school so that I could practice riding on grass for cyclocross season.

Can you say brick workout? I can! It was awesome.

Now we're off to BBQs and going away parties all afternoon, so that should be really fun. Sometimes, weekends in town kick ass.

Quote of the Day: "You're so pretty, like a tree or a high-class prostitute." Jemaine Clement, Flight of the Conchords.

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