Monday, August 06, 2007

Kind of a waste

God, I am kind of useless on this thing lately. Sorry about that. I haven't had a chance to download Firefox at work, and Blogger doesn't work on Explorer at work, so I've been unable to do that, and have been so busy that I've frankly lacked some motivation after I get home. I don't think it's a symptom of anything, but I do think I could stand to be a little more productive after I leave work. I need to exercise more, and I need to sit in front of the TV less. On the other hand, I should also probably enjoy it before I start grad school, as it will sound pretty good in retrospect.

Whatever. What am I even talking about?

I think that I'm a little frustrated that most of my to-do list can't be crossed off until I get my next paycheck, so I'm putzing around trying not to spend money, but also trying to feel productive. I know I'm not really feeling as productive as I could be at work, but I think I'm doing that because I'm enjoying the calm before the storm. One of my coworkers is going to have her baby any day now, and that means that I'll be doing essentially two jobs for three months, and that's going to keep me extremely busy. So maybe I should enjoy the calm.

Did I mention that we're in the market for a puppy? We decided that it was time, after going through a little song-and-dance this weekend when Indie Rocker decided to go look at puppies, but I wouldn't give him the go-ahead to get one since I was in Seattle. By the time I was done hemming and hawing, it was too late.

Maybe that was kind of passive-aggressive. It's possible. He's kind of clamming up tonight, and I'm feeling chatty, so maybe I'm just frustrated by that. Whatever. We'll get over, since we always do. I'm really tired, so I tend to nag and bitch at him way more often when that happens.

Quote of the Day: "Let's get moving/Into Action/Let's get moving/Into Action/If your life's too slow/no satisfaction/there's something out there/there's an attraction/if you hesitate now/that's a subtraction/let's get moving, oh/Into Action." Into Action, Tim Armstrong.

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