Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I guess training works...

So I've been running more lately--I started running every Tuesday with a coworker, and kept it up. I've also been riding my bike more, and I started doing track workouts last week with two other friends.

Long story short, I'm getting into better shape and discovered something awesome today. I ran 10 minute miles. I can't really remember when I've done that when not running at 2am, terrified. That was Rainier to Pacific last year, for the record. I don't frequently run at 2am normally.

I started this as a "diet" a few months ago when I half-assed the Self challenge again and then decided that I could probably do better on my own doing things I actually liked doing. I decided to eat better and start the running.

I wouldn't say that I was trying to lose weight, per se, but a lot of my old clothes didn't fit very well, and I wasn't super happy looking in the mirror. I still look in the mirror a little bit and think "ew!", but even that's an improvement over a few months ago when it was "EW!"

Either way, I've already taken off 7 pounds, which got me pretty stoked. My target weight is another 8 pounds lighter, which I think is totally attainable. I'm talking about doing a sprint triathlon, which Indie Rocker pointed out that I could probably do right now. But it's certainly not off the table, and maybe that will set me up to train for longer distances in the future. Speedy did Olympic length tris in college--I'll bet I could do that too!

More than anything, I just want to be able to kick some ass no matter what I try. I think I've become really inspired by Indie Rocker's training for his 100 mile mountain bike race this weekend, and also Marshall's training for her half-marathon. I think they set realistic and cool goals and I want to emulate that. And if my bod looks better, hell yeah!

Quote of the Day: "I bleed it out/digging deeper just to throw it away/I bleed it out/digging deeper just to throw it away." Bleed It Out, Linkin Park

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