Thursday, December 14, 2006


God, has it really been this long since I've posted? You'd think with 4 days off over the Thanksgiving weekend and no skiing that I would actually be up to date. Alas, that is apparently not the case.

Things have been busy around here. Work was quite busy as one of the gals in my department was gone for two weeks and I picked up the slack in the meantime. I liked it, actually, since I had a lot more freedom to do my work and not feel like I had to run everything by her. Now that she's back, it's back to the micromanagement, which seriously gets old after a while. I know that she's not used to being a manager, but a teensy bit of training might not be a bad thing. I'm just saying. A few of us were talking at the Holiday Party last night and I'm certainly not the only person who's noticed these tendencies.

Either way, the job is still great and I certainly don't miss the Hill. Seriously, at all.

I've been having some crazy dreams lately, but that's about all the weirdness in my life. Strong Draught and I are throwing our annual Chrismukkah bash on Saturday, which promises to be both drunken and silly. I'm looking forward to it, anyway.

Forgive my lack of posting--I'll try to work on that!!!

Quote of the Day: "You could never front your own racket and do you know why, Willie? Because you got no discipline, you got zero fucking initiative. You'd fall apart without me. You're just too pathetic for words. You're a fuckin' loser and you fuckin' know it." Marcus (Tony Cox), Bad Santa

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