Thursday, November 02, 2006

Gauging levels.

I've realized a fair number of things about myself since I left the Hill.

One, I really like working downtown. I honestly feel like I have more time since I can run errands during the day and not have to cram them into my spare time anymore.

Two, I really like working with less supervision. Having the docs all over my space all day used to drive me nuts, and I really like that even though I don't work as close to my department as I'd like, it affords me the space (literally!) that I want to get things done.

Three, I have a little bit of mental baggage. Scienziata and I were talking over dinner last night and I admitted that I was having some trouble adjusting to a new coworker. I had finally realized that her working/relating style was universal, and had nothing to do with me. I was taking it quite personally, because I was starting to think that this coworker didn't respect my intelligence. Now that I realize it's how this person treats everyone, I'm less inclined to worry about it. Scienziata pointed out that I have a little baggage because one or two of the docs honestly believed that I was stupid, and treated me accordingly. It drove me nuts, and I still get irritated when I think someone's underestimating me. On the bright side, now I can do something about it aside from bitching about them all of the time and spending hours looking at the job sites.

And in a teeny, tiny, prima donna corner of me, I'm really satisfied to see that the department is not holding up well without me. I think they now realize just how much I actually did around there. Ha.

Whew! Got that out of my system. Back to work!!!

Quote of the Day: "An increased psychological workload, reflected by high job demands and low influence in job, was associated with an increased body weight." NAASO, Psychological Workload and Weight Gain among Women. I think this article proves that being stressed out in a job with no authority makes women fat. Maybe that's why I gained 20 pounds working on the Hill!!

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