Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Extended break!

Sorry for the extended break. I got my wisdom teeth taken out last Thursday and while it really wasn't that bad, I've been battling with myself all week because I seem to think that I should be back to normal by now. Nevermind that I had 4 teeth removed in a somewhat (couldn't tell you exactly--I was a lot loopy) violent fashion. It's not like they were just going to come out on their own.

Other than that, yesterday's return to work was hellacious--I got a charming message on my voice mail from the doc with anger management issues, but was told to ignore it via Post-it. Argh.

Plus, today I got a "special" summons to jury duty for a criminal trial. Yeah, not. I am so going to have my boss write a fat note to get me out of that. Good grief.

On the bright side, I did get to have clam chowder and baptize my brand new green and yellow Mick Fanning sandals in the ocean on Sunday, which was totally fun. Indie Rocker bought them for me because they were half off. I am so wearing them to a UO football game!!! They're perfect for tailgating because they have bottle openers built into the soles. Awesome, eh?

And now I am apparently off to go see "The Ringer." Full review tomorrow.

Quote of the Day: "Whoa." Ted (Keanu Reeves), Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

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