Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bode Miller is Hot.

So, the Olympics are coming around again and we all know how much I love those. Two straight weeks of continuous athletics on TV. Yay! Plus, the winter ones rock because I actually do those pretty regularly. I ski every weekend, used to race in high school, and generally feel pretty attached to those sports.

You know where this is going: Bode Miller. I think this whole furor over his “drunken skiing” remarks is unreal. The American media has blown it totally out of proportion. I mean, I get that he’s an Olympic athlete. However, and not because I’ve totally skied drunk before, I think they’ve got this particular flap all wrong. It’s got this Puritanical bent that seems really odd to me. Bode’s the bad boy of American skiing. He’s got the resume to back up his antics, so it seems really silly to be calling him on the carpet for something so benign. Besides, it’s not like he got drunk and then went skiing. It was more like he was still recovering from the night before. Who hasn’t been there before? I empathize—it sucks!! And I’ve skied like that too. Not going 70 MPH down an icy course, but my job doesn’t require me to do that. So I don’t!

I was listening to NPR on Tuesday on the way to work and the commentator was raking the media across the coals for being so prudish. He made the point that everyone likes to hold up the Olympics as this shining beacon of perfection, ivory tower, blah blah, that boils down to us holding Olympic athletes to a different standard than other athletes. Well, the athletes are still human and let’s face it—the Athlete’s Village isn’t exactly a bastion of morals. It’s more like a 15-day long party with very attractive, very fit members of both sexes wandering around everywhere. Temptation, much?

Anybody remember Alberto Tomba? Dude used to drink like a fish, take women home all the time before events, drive his Ferrari way too fast and won races. And he was a national hero in Italy.

Where they’re holding the Games. Funny, eh?

When I told Indie Rocker about my obsession with the Games, he thought it was hilarious. He might not find it as funny when I really am glued to the couch for two weeks straight.

Confidential to Miss DC: Congrats! When were you going to tell me?!? ;)

Quote of the Day: “Basically you're saying marriage is just a way of getting out of an embarrassing pause in conversation.” Charles (Hugh Grant), Four Weddings and a Funeral.

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