Monday, October 31, 2005

Thoroughly entertained.

I’m so entertained for a variety of reasons today. We made a few fabulous discoveries about the apartment, which is always fun, work isn’t sucking at all, and I leave for Costa Rica in under 36 hours. Whee!! Really, life is good.

Indie Rocker figured out a few days ago that we have a buzzer to the front door and can buzz people up rather than running up and down the stairs all the time. When we told Strong Draught this morning, his jaw literally dropped open and his eyes were as big as saucers. I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture. Also, the Thai place up the street delivers to the door for only $5.

Plus, I got my dad’s laptop on loan for the time being and right now it’s stuffed full of MP3s from my CDs and Indie Rocker’s iTunes collection and my MP3 player is going to keep me very happy on a long flight. Awesome. Speaking of pictures, Indie Rocker bought me a compact flash card and now I can take 1,000 pictures on the trip. So excited.

I get to go spend money on rash guards and a bathing suit tonight, but that shouldn’t be too painful. I’m also spending an egregious amount of time packing. Speedy and I went on a little REI shopping spree over the weekend and picked up chamois towels, those hostel sleep sacks and some individual mosquito nets so that we don’t get any weird diseases. So excited!!

I’m not the picture of perfect health thanks to the cold I’ve still got, but I’m much, much better than I was (especially on Friday night, for which Indie Rocker gets major boyfriend kudos for taking care of me), and recovering nicely.

Last, but definitely not least, KEXP is playing Halloween-themed music all day long today. The songs have all been about ghosts, hell, blood, etc. So great.

Quote of the Day: “When we pretend that we’re dead/When we pretend that we’re dead/They can’t hear a word we’ve said/When we pretend that we’re dead.” Pretend We’re Dead, L7. (It’s what’s playing on KEXP right now.)

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