Monday, July 18, 2005

Temptation to relax--check.

Weddings, friends from out of town, going-away parties and very, very nice dinners were exactly how my weekend went and that rocked.

Friday was spent attending Martini’s wedding reception, having a beer with one of my new favorite coworkers, and then heading over to Eeyore’s house with Marshall for a going-away party. We drank up, danced around with friends and had a very nice time before calling Roche to come get us and drop me off at Indie Rocker’s.

Saturday was spent eating breakfast with Indie Rocker and his dad, running a few errands and then taking a nap before running more errands, visiting the Aussie fam and getting ready for Dutchman’s wedding. Which was awesome. I carpooled out with Joy after we purchased the wedding night basket from Spartacus. The wedding itself was at the gorgeous lake in the Gorge with a pretty view, amazing weather and good friends to hang out with. I sat with Joy and WRX, right behind Chitown’s entire family. I ended up spending a good chunk of the wedding hanging out with Chitown’s brother WQS. He’s a really good guy and his one good friend was part of the wedding family, so he didn’t really have anyone to hang out with. Turns out he’s studying the same thing for his undergrad that Speedy did, so they might want to meet up for a beer sometime and chat. Anyway, long story short is that the wedding was terrific, the bride was beautiful, the vows were handwritten by the couple and quite nearly brought tears to my eyes (I lie. They totally did in a few places.), and the reception was loads of fun with awesome food, fun music, canoeing, and dancing.

I bailed a few minutes before the bride and groom drove their Woody back to town (I know! So cool!) and made a few calls on the way. Indie Rocker and his dad were already on their way home, having exhausted themselves working outside all day. I talked to Marshall and found out where they were. I talked to the Aussie fam/Bumbershoot and ended up falling asleep on the futon, so I didn’t go out. Oh well.

Sunday was spent shopping and hanging out in Portland with Bumbershoot and her friend Lala. We just wandered all over in the sunshine, bought stuff and ate loads of good food. After they bailed off to see another friend on their way out of town, I took a nap, watched some TV and returned my running shoes before doing some work around the house. Indie Rocker picked me up around 6:45pm for dinner with his dad and we just chilled. It was nice.

Nice is sort of the whole weekend, actually. Believe it or not, it sounds like it was crazy, but I got more time to myself to just relax than I have in months. That was especially nice.

Quote of the Day: “Nowadays when almost everyone is a genius, at least for a while, the temptation for the bogus to profit is no greater than the temptation for the good man to relax.” F. Scott Fitzgerald, in a letter to Ernest Hemingway.

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