Thursday, June 30, 2005

Pink Carnations and blackberry bushes

I had a really, really interesting conversation last night with a girl who went to Indie Rocker’s college, but was a member of my same sorority there. Her first name’s even the same as mine. We started talking because over the course of a few weeks, one of the other hashers had talked to Bubbles, and he’d mentioned that I had tried to get him to come hashing and he was familiar with the concept. Well, since there are two hasher girls with the same name and we both know Bubbles, the other girl was trying to figure out who had talked to him. Hence, we finally got it all straightened out and the other CC and I met last night. She’s quite cool, and it’s always a little surreal to talk to someone who has had a very similar experience to you and is around the same age. She and I were talking in our little sorority code (well, what I could remember. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been to Chapter!) and reminiscing a little bit. How surreal to be able to reminisce with someone you’ve never met before.

Hashing was lots of fun last night and I am covered with blackberry scratches. Damned shiggy. Why do I do this to myself again? Oh yeah. It’s fun. And some of the guys were starting to brainstorm names for me. I’m a lot scared, to be honest!!

Quote of the Day: “People say that your dreams/are the only things that save ya./Come on baby in our dreams,/we can live our misbehavior.” Rebellion (lies), The Arcade Fire.

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