Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Chick Surf 2005

Chick Surf Weekend 2005 went off without a hitch this weekend, which I am thrilled about. We had a cute little house, amazing food, wayyy too much beer again, a cute baby, a totally dorky surf instructor and some sunshine that made us all a little tanner and a little blonder.

I made the drive over with Bumbershoot, Minnie and our new friend Mello-cee. WE managed to fully raid Freddy’s before we went and had a full-scale debate over whether or not to buy beer. It was hilarious. In the end, we bought the beer, managed to stuff the food into the already fairly overstuffed car and head merrily on our way to the coast. I spent a bunch of the time on the phone with Marshall, until we lost cell service.

Upon getting to the coast, we felt the need to hit the pizza place in Cannon Beach before heading to the house as we were ahead of the snack car. So we stopped, got yelled at by Joy for not being at the house yet and enjoyed some slices before heading on our merry way. The house was cute this year and reminded me of a ship in the sense that it was really tall and the kitchen was very galley-like. However, there was lots of room, which made everyone pretty happy. We settled in and started claiming beds. I ended up sharing the king downstairs with Bumbershoot and Minnie, which aside from the noise factor, was a comfy bed. We never did use the Jacuzzi though. Damn.

We allowed one boy in the house for something like 30 minutes, but only because it was Mock and he was only staying until NP got settled and he could take the absolutely preciously adorable BabyGirl with him. I got to hold her for quite some time and she loves me. It’s totally mutual, but when she gets fussy, I’m perfectly happy to hand her back! WMD kept pestering me to hold her and I kept telling her no. Hee! Mock left eventually since BG was getting tired anyway. NP was hilarious—she flopped back on the couch, seized her drink and said, “OK, let’s party! I’m free now!!”

The other girls—Joy, Type A, and Sprite—came back from their little adventure in Manzanita and came home to drink and devour more food. Redhead and her coworker Curl showed up later and we all sat around and hung out until we ran out of beer and went to bed.

Surfing the next day was terrific. We managed to go to the surfshop in waves, so that they weren’t all overwhelmed and then we headed for the beach. After conquering the long walk down, we set up camp on the beach and hurried into our wetsuits, eager to get in the water. Minnie had taken a lesson in Mexico, so she was doing great and Curl picked it up just like Strong Draught—the girl was a total natural. In the afternoon, we took a lesson from this hilarious guy who was kind of a dork, which made it easier to pepper him with questions that we’d be embarrassed to ask some super-suave, cute surfer boy. However, he did help us a lot and we all had fun. I ran into some hashers on the beach and lounged in the sun, which finally came out. It ended up being a gorgeous day, which didn’t suck at all!

Once we got back to the house, we took turns in the shower, walked down to the super-windy beach to check it out and then Windy set out this fantastic antipasto spread for us to devour while we waited for the dinner girls to get back. One perk to traveling with girls—the food absolutely rocked. After dinner was great—all the girls just hung out, talked up a storm and then slowly drifted off to bed one by one. We started the laundry and got things organized.

It took us longer than we wanted to get out of the house, but luckily some of the girls who had to head back to town took care of the last bits of cleaning for us. That was awesome, and so helpful! The weather and surf left a little bit to desire, as the surf was choppy, we were tired and then it started to rain! I did run into my friend Architect from Seattle, which was a lot of fun. He’s a pretty good surfer for a beginner!

Either way, it was a great weekend, a terrific opportunity for a bunch of really cool chicas to hang out and the kickoff of a surfing kind of summer!

Quote of the Day: “We’re going surfing/we’re going surfing/you take your car to work/I’ll take my board/and when you’re out of fuel/I’m still afloat/all along the undertow is strengthening its hold/I never thought it would come to this/now I can never go home.” Surf Wax America, Weezer.

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